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A Week of Work Outfit Ideas with 10 pieces – Spring Outfit Ideas 2011

Work Outfit Ideas - Spring 2011

Every morning when I get ready for work I spend so much time picking out my outfit. I figured if I work with a few key pieces, I could hit the snooze button a few more times. This week I am going to pick 10 pieces from my wardrobe and create outfits for the entire week. The basics are the building blocks of any outfit and they leave you free to experiment with the fun but more risky trend pieces.

I am going to give you a list to work from and show you my ideal set of basics. This formula works for me and keeps me sane in the morning. And trust me, having these ten items in your wardrobe will guarantee you’ll always look polished.

1. Black Pencil Skirt
2. Pussy Bow Blouse
3. White Shirt
4. Pants
5. Dress
6. Cardigan
7. Scarf
8. Black heels
9. Nude Heels
10. Flats