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Sewing Circle – Matryoshka Rice Heat Bag Tutorial

Matroyshka Rice Heat Bag

This week at Sewing Circle Lexi made this amazing Rice Heat Bag. I am always complaining about my shoulders hurting at work and after I used this little magical bag, I felt so much better. I thought this would be an easy sewing project and I bought this awesome Kokka Pink matryoshka russian dolls  material on . You can use any material that you want. I also got some white lining material. This is a really great easy sewing project.

Sewing Supplies Needed

Length 100 cm Width 32 cm piece of material (or any size you choose)
white rice (NOT instant rice!)
sewing machine & matching thread

My Material


1. Cut your material to the desired size. Mine was 100cm X 32 cm.

This picture shows the material folded

2. Cut your inside linning material the same size as the one above

3. Lay the matryoshka material face side down and put the lining material on top of it.  Fold the material and sew along the sides. Leave a small opening so you can pour the rice in.

4. When you are done sewing, turn the material right side out

5. Fill the bag with rice – you might need a friend for this. 🙂

6. After you fill the bag with rice, sew along the side with the opening. Now your rice heat bag is done!

7. Heat the bag in the microwave for 2 minutes and enjoy.

Lexi Meyerowitz 2011