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DIY – Your Own Sparkly Boots


DIY - Weekend DIY Project

If you’ve been sniffing the glitter glue like I have, by now, you’re probably head-over-heels obsessed with sparkly shoewear. Miu Miu’s version might be a little (okay, a lot) out of your price range, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get twinkly-toed, stat. Check out this easy DIY that’ll glitter-ify the back of an old pair of boots. Just be ready to leave a trail of sparkle wherever you go! (Le Fanciulle via This Is Glamorous)


How to make your own sparkly boots

Step 1:
Find a pair of ankle boots which are ready to be glittered.  Mine cost me a grand total of $10 thanks to Rubi shoes and a convenient voucher from my birthday – score!  (they are much higher than I wanted, but that’s alright, they can just be another addition to my burgeoning heel collection.)
DIY - Weekend DIY Project
Step 2:
Get yourself some glitter and some craft glue.
I chose two glitter sizes (which I mixed together) – one larger to emulate the big sparkling look of the original photo, and one smaller to fill in the gaps.  The glue that I used is permanent fabric glue, but I reckon you could probably get away with normal craft glue and spray on some more adhesive after the glitter has dried.
DIY - Free DIY Project
Step 3:
Glue and glitter your boot!
(maybe should have mixed the glitter into the glue?  I have no idea.  At least mine is holding for now…)
DIY - Free DIY Projects - Sparkly Boots
Step 4:
Wait for the glue to dry. Then, neaten up the edges by scratching off dried glitter and glue that’s in the wrong place.
(This took me longer than actually gluing and glittering, as I am a bit anal about neat lines etc.  S can testify to this.)
Free DIY Projects
Step 5:
Marvel at your creation!  But try not to click your heels together or you’ll lose precious glitter.
DIY - Sparkly Boots

Style them with jeans or coloured trousers rolled up at the hem, or some black leggings and a jumper-dress for a bit of casual glam.