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Provence, France – Europe Trip – South of France

Masha Tal - Provence, France 2011

This year our friends decided to move from a Downtown, San Diego penthouse condo to a 700 year old Chateau Vineyard in the South of France. Today we visited them at the Chateau and they treated us to some delicious French cheese, wine & quiche at their home in the French Countryside. It was the most beautiful & peaceful place. I can see why they gave up the luxury of a garbage disposal for the beauty of this place.

Chateau de Lee, Provence France - Europe 2011
We would like to say "Merci!" to our Host & TourGuide - Provence, France 2011
David Tal - Provence, France - Europe Trip 2011
Masha Tal - Provence, France - Europe Trip 2011
Avi Tal - Provence, France - Europe Trip 2011
Chateau de Lee - French Countryside - Europe Trip 2011
Avi Tal & Eitan Tal - Provence, France - Europe Trip 2011
Out little South of France Princess - Resident of Chateau de Lee - Europe Trip 2011
Mama & Princess of Chateau de Lee - Provence, France 2011
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Helsinki Finland – Day 6 – Churches, Lilacks & Farmers Markets

Masha Tal - Finland Lilacs

Helsinki Finland in June is filled with Lilacs. The city is hot so being on top of the “Hop On Hop Off” tour bus was the perfect way to experience all the sites. We saw a few beautiful churches and my favorite was the one made out of stone. At the open air farmers market we managed to eat some food without being attached by the lurking birds and enjoyed some much needed shade time near some lilac trees.

Finland - Summer 2011
Church made of Stone - Finland 2011
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Europe Trip – Day 1 – Copenhagen Street Style

Airport Style

After a 3 hour delay on the new & very exciting route from San Diego to London we finally landed. Then a quick transfer flight from London to Copenhagen & our vacation had begun. Copenhagen at 10 p.m. at night is beautiful! If you have ever been to Amsterdam, it kinda has the same feeling. Loads of bikes everywhere, canals & old brick buildings. All we had time for was some beers at the local pub, hot dogs from a street vender & me trying to recruit girls for Avi & Eitan. The trip has started off well.

Copenhagen Brick Building
Tal Family 2011
Copenhagen Elephant - Masha Tal 2011
Avi Tal 2011
Eitan Tal - Copenhagen 3 a.m. Munchies