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Holiday Gift Guide – Holiday 2011 – Find a the Perfect Gift

Holiday Gift Guide 2011

The Holiday are here! I love the holiday season because it gives us an opportunity to appreciate the people in our lives and tell them how much we love them. I enjoy getting gifts for people that are special to me and I am excited to give you guys some ideas of awesome holiday gifts.


Holiday Gift Guide - Find a Gift - Gift Guide 2011

I am obsessed with perfume. I love the way it makes me feel and it also makes the people around me happy. 🙂 These are some of my favorite brands. I love sweet and light smells, that are really young.


Holiday Gift Guide - Holidays 2011 - Find Gift

The gold boyfriend watch has a been a big trend this year. The Michael Kors Watch is my favorite, but these looks for less are an awesome alternative and still super stylish.

Scarf Style

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Guide - Holidays 2011

We all know about the Missoni Target Craze this year and I could see why. There is something we all love about the Missoni print. These scarves are a great way to join in the fun without the expense.

Smart Phone Case

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Guide - Holidays 2011

This would be a perfect gift for the smart phone obsessed fashionista. These cases are so cute and useful at the same time.