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80’s Costume Ideas – inspired by Movies, Celebrities & Parties

80's Costume Ideas - Inspired by SexandtheCity

Thinking of throwing a party? The 80’s theme is always a winner with the crowd. Something about getting into a ridiculous looking get up makes people have a 100% more fun. I found some amazing costume inspirations from Movies, Celebrities & previous party goers. Let me know what you think and feel free to share some of your 80’s costume ideas.

80’s Costumes Inspired by SEX AND THE CITY

80's Costume Idea - Rocker Chic, Groupie
80's Costume Ideas - Shoulder Pads
80's Costume Ideas
80's Costume Ideas, 80's Party Costume Idea

80’s Costumes Inspired by 80’s Movies & Music

80's Costume
80's Costume Ideas from the Wedding Singer

80’s Costumes Inspired by Celebrities

80's Costumes from the Real Housewives of Orange County
80's Costume - Flashdance
80's Costume - Madonna

80’s Costumes Inspired by Party Goers

80's Workout Costume Ideas
80's Costume Ideas - Workout
80's Costume Ideas
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Best 80’s Party – 80’s Costumes – 80’s Decoration Ideas

Best 80’s Party Costumes

This weekend we celebrated a milestone, my one & only David, turned 30. I love costume parties, everyone puts so much effort into their costumes & it makes things that much more fun. These are pics from our 80’s party & inspiration from other 80’s parties, so you can have some ideas for your next gig.

Decorate your 80’s party venue

80’s Decoration Ideas – 80’s Decorations

We had a bunch of yoyo’s, slinky’s & candy all over the house. Glow in the dark bracelets & balloons. Another party had rubics cubes, nintendo controllers & packman cupcakes.

80’s Decoration Ideas – Rubiks cube cake

80’s Decoration Ideas – Nintendo Controllers, Sunglasses & Tapes

80’s party decoration ideas – Packman cupcakes

Best 80’s Costumes – 80’s Costume Ideas

Best 80's Costumes - Adam Seid & me
Best 80's Costumes - Adam & Lexi Meyerowitz
Best 80's Costumes - MooseMan & the Birthday Boy
Best 80's Costumes - 80's Costume Ideas
Easy 80's Costume Ideas - Madonna & Tom Cruise from Risky Business
Best 80's Costumes - Rachi Chaitas 2011
Best 80's Costumes

Check out more pics here!

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Favorite Things – 80’s Costume Ideas

Awesome 80's Costumes
I think I should wear this everyday
80's Party Costume Ideas



I went to my best friends 80’s themed 30th birthday party and it was sooooo much fun. I thought I would do a post about 80’s costume ideas. Some outfit musts are leg warmers, finger less gloves, lace, blue eye shadow. Decorate with lava lamps, bean bags and old records. Oh and make sure u have tons of pop rocks and rubix cubes. Also make sure you have a great 80’s cake. ūüôā

80’s Fashion – Costume Ideas – Halloween

Leg Warmers

–¬†Parachute Pants

–¬†Add-a-Bead Necklaces
–¬†The Madonna Look


– Converse

–¬†Oversized Shirts

–¬†80s Dresses
– 80’s Makeup

– Wigs