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RUSSIA – St. Petersburg!!!!

Masha Tal - St. Petersburg Russia 2011

Wow ….wow…!

What can I say…I feel at home ☺ and I am saying this with a Russian accent.

Our tour guide was Tatiana or Tanya as we called her, and one day she talked for 12 hours straight. She knew everything about everything and if you ever go to St. Petersburg Russia, I really recommend this tour. She was so knowledgeable & she took us to the best places for matryoshka doll souvenirs, borsh & perogis.

I knew that Russians liked to show off but I never really understood to what extent. We visited the Kzars Palaces, the famous Dome Cathedrals & beautiful royal gardens and they were magnificent. I am glad I am doing a photo diary because words really can’t describe the experience.
Check out the picture below.

Hemitage Museum – St. Petersburg Russia

Hermitage Museum - St. Petersburg Russia 2011
Hermitage Museum - Kzar Palace - St. Petersburg Russia 2011
Kzar Summer Palace - Peterhuf St. Petersburg Russia - Summer 2011
Tal Family Summer 2011 - Kzar Summer Palace - St.Petersburg Russia
Tal Brothers - St.Petersburg on the boat - Russia Summer 2011
Church of Spilt Blood - St. Petersburg Russia 2011
Masha's Matryoshkas 🙂 - St. Petersburg Russia