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Rostok, Germany – Day 4 – Herring Sandwiches & Yellow Flowers

Masha Tal - Germany Street Style 2011


Today was a beautiful day in Rostok Germany, the sun was shinning & it was the perfect weather for some fish drying. This town is right near the water & the popular local food is a herring fish sandwich. Its definitely an acquired taste & not all participated… David ended up eating at McDonnalds. Lol

We took the train into town, walked around a closed mall & I made some flower accessories.

Rostok Germany - Summer 2011
Avi Tal - Germany 2011
Masha Tal
Masha Tal Germany 2011
Rostok Germany - Summer 2011
Herring Sandwich
Avi Tal - Germany 2011
Germany Delicassy
David Tal & Avi Tal - Germany 2011