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Sewing Circle Project – Oilcloth Lunch Tote Tutorial

I made the lining from Kokka Large Trefle Matroyshka Dolls and Mushrooms Oilcloth in Red and the outside is matching quilting cotton. Which means I can wipe down the inside, but I can’t wash it. Maybe not the best plan? A nylon outer would have been perfect, but she has been using this for 4 months with no issues so it worked out okay.  Get the Oilcloth Lined Lunch Tote Tutorial after the jump…

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Oilcloth Lined Lunch Tote Tutorial

Grab your oilcloth and your lunch container.  Trace the outside of the container onto your oilcloth and add an inch to each side:

You have made the base of your bag. Now measure each side and decide the height of your bag.  Mine is 8″ tall. Cut two pieces of oilcloth the length of your base by the height of your bag plus 1″.  Cut two pieces of oilcloth the width of your base by the height of your bag plus 1″.  Repeat with the cotton or nylon.

Lay the base of your bag face up.  Lay one side piece face down with matching length edges aligned:

Sew in place with 1/2″ seam allowance.

Unfold and repeat on the other length side:

Test to make sure your container fits

Now lay a width side piece face down with edges aligned and sew in place with 1/2″ seam allowance.


Repeat on the other side with the remaining width piece.

Bring two sides of the bag right sides together at the corner and sew in place with a scant seam allowance.

Repeat on all four corners: your linning is now complete.

Repeat this process with your cotton or nylon outer, sewing the sides to the base

Then sewing up the sides at the corners:

Turn your oilcloth lining right side out:

Turn your cotton or nylon outer inside out.  Slip the oilcloth lining into the cotton outer and use paper clips or bull clips to hold together and the top edges (don’t pin through oilcloth, it will leave a hole).

Now it will look like this:

Cut a piece of 1″ wide cotton webbing (or make a strap) at whatever length you prefer. On each short side of your tote draw a one inch line in the center about 1/2″ down from the top.

Sew all the way around the top edge, stopping before your line at each side and backstitching.  You don’t want to sew the area on the line, that will be your turning hole.

Reach in through one of the holes and turn your bag right side out. This part is kind of a pain, but it must be done. Push out all of the edges and corners.

Now at each vertical edge of the bag, pinch the edges together and sew about 1/2″ in from the edge (this will stabilize the bag and lining):

Repeat on all four edges and along the bottom.

Insert your cotton webbing into the holes we left on each side and sew in place

Then I added a snap to the center, but depending on the shape of your bag you could leave it open, or add a button, a strap, velcro, or whatever you like.

And Finished!