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New Outfit Every Work Day 2011

I am challenging myself to wear a new outfit every workday this year.  That is  261 new outfits for the year.  I was at work today and thought about how the outfit I am wearing, I have worn more than 20 times last year.  ;(

So, I decided that it would be fun to challenge myself, as well as give people ideas.  I will take inspiration from Celebrity Looks for Less or just things that I see on TV.  I am limiting myself to a $100 a month budget for any new outfits or accessories.

Our dress code at work is business casual. So no jeans, flip flops, running shoes or revealing dresses. I have to be professional.

I will take a picture of myself every work day and post on my blog. Please send sugestions or ideas.

Happy New Year everyone!

Day #1 – Tuesday Jan 11th, 2011

Masha Tal

Masha Tal 2011