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Mother Daughter Day

Mother Daughter Day
Mother Daughter Day

Milas age today – 1 year, 9 months, 22 days

My age  – not telling 🙂 lol

Today Mila & I had ourselves a little mother daughter day. I love spending time with her so much, she is growing up so fast & every moment that I spend with her is so special. When I heard her on the baby monitor this morning, I could not wait to just run into her room. She was all smiles & telling me that she had a full diaper. After some milk & russian cartoons, we both got dressed  & had some breakfast. Her egg ended up on the floor & our dog Milo also had a treat. 🙂

At around 9 a.m. we went into her room to get dressed. I love picking out her outfit for the day & making her look super cute. I put her on the countertop in our bathroom & let her play with water while  I do her hair. Lately its been either 2 tiny pony tails or 2 pig tails. Today I decided just to do 1 pony tail on top of her head. 🙂

We made our way to the Childrens Museum in Downtown & she could not wait to get in. While we were waiting in line she ran inside & I had to chase after her. lol We did meet up with my friend & her little son who is turning 3 in April. We explored the 3 floors of the museum & then all shared our snacks before it was time to head back home.

At home, I got Mila & I both got into our pj’s & the nap time routine went super smoothly. I love the days where she lets me put her to sleep with no fuss. 🙂

The day is not done yet, it was just the 1st part but it was so cute & fun that I had to write it down.

post is dedicated to my little girl –  who is the light in my life, makes me so happy everyday & is my little princess.