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Mama Style – How to dress cute even when you have a baby on your hip

Mama Style

I realized that becoming a mama & keeping a personal style can be a challenge. Sleepless nights & waking up at 5:30 a.m. to breastfeed does not leave much energy for wanting to pick out a cute outfit for the day.

I discovered that investing in a few key items can help put together a cute outfit in just minutes.

1) Pair of good stretchy black skinny jeans
2) Loose tops
3) Black boots
4) Big oversized sweater (for cold weather)
5) A cute scarf

I have to admit that I did take off the wedges & put on some flat boots when I actually went out the door. If you have these pieces you can just mix & match & still look cute while chasing around a crawling baby.

Let me know what you guys wear to your play dates.