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Kate Middleton Pregnancy Style – The Royal Baby

Kate Middleton - Royal Baby

What could possibly top the hoopla that was the Royal Wedding of 2011? It’d have to be the Royal Pregnancy of 2012. The announcement Dec. 3 that Kate and Prince William were expecting, made after the Duchess checked into a London hospital suffering from acute morning sickness, sparked an internet frenzy like no other. Royal watchers debated what the royal couple would name the latest heir to the throne, where it would be born and where Kate and William’s new brood would live; meanwhile bookmakers helped average Brits place bets on the blessed event. But a week later, the saga turned deadly serious when a nurse at Kate’s private hospital, who had fallen for a prank by a pair of Australian DJs posing as the Queen and Prince Charles, committed suicide.

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Kate Middleton - Royal Baby
Kate Middleton – Royal Baby


IF ITS A GIRL!! This is what a think the Royal Baby will be wearing!!!! 🙂