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Favorite Things – How to tell your parents you are pregnant!

How to tell your parents you are pregnant

One of the first fun things you get to do when you find out you are pregnant is you get to tell people! The best people to tell in my life were my parents and my in-laws. David and I came up with the idea of making t-shirts that say, “Favorite Grandma” & “Favorite Grandpa”. We did one for my parents in Russian and one of Davids parents in Spanish. Then we put a bunch of diapers on top of the t-shirts and wrapped them.

We reveled the pregnancy to both sets of parents at different times but in basically the same way. We told them that we got them a gift on our Europe Trip and we wanted them to open in together.

The moment before they opened the box, my heart was pounding so hard. I love the different reactions of excitement. You can see Davids parents reactions from the pictures below. My mom started crying right away and my dad said (in a thick Russian accent) “Good job David!”

How to reveal your pregnancy
Ideas to reveal your pregnancy

We reveal the news to Davids Parents

Suegra Favorita realizing she will be a grandma
Father in Law in Shock
Prima (Cousin )Raquelita hugging David
🙂 love this picture
Some of us got emotional 🙂

We reveal the news to my family

How to reveal your pregnant

You can't see my mom's face because she started crying right away!

My Babyshka finding out I am prego!