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How to Save Money & Still Be Stylish!

How to Save Money & Still Be Stylish


How to Save Money & Still Be Stylish
How to Save Money & Still Be Stylish

I am such a fashion lover & I wish I could afford to go to Nordstrom every time a new trend pops on the market but I have such a hard time spending $100 on a pair of color denim jeans knowing that they might go out of style in a year. SOOOOOO, these are my tricks for being on trend & stylish but still saving a penny.

1) Go to discount stores – ROSS, Marshalls & TJ Max always have really trendy things that are sometimes more than 50% less than what you would pay at a department store.

2) Shop at smaller boutiques – I live in San Diego & we have a handful of stores that are sooo cute, the quality of the clothes compares to like a Forever21, but since you are buying pieces that are only for 1 season, you don’t have to worry about them lasting you 10 years. Examples are: The Closet, Angl & Franchesca’s

3) Shop online – there are some amazing online stores that are really inexpensive & have a very wide selection of trendy clothing, accessories & handbags. Also, stores have the biggest deals like 30% off or more on their online merchandise. Examples:, Tilly’s,

4) Check out Style Blogs & Go Shopping in your own closet – I love checking out the styles of other bloggers. Sometimes I get ideas about putting together an outfit from pieces that I already own. My favorite style blogs are cupcakes&,,

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