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Favorite Things – English Tea Party – Baby Shower Ideas – Bridal Shower Ideas

English Tea Party - How to throw an english tea party

Afternoon tea began back in the mid 1800s, when the Duchess of Bedford started having a tray of tea with bread and butter served to her in the mid-afternoon. In those days, lunch was served at noon but dinner was not eaten until 8 or even 9 o’clock at night. The Duchess found herself hungry during those long afternoon hours. It became a regular occurrence and as she began to invite other high-society ladies to join her, having Afternoon Tea became the ‘in-thing’ for the upper-class women. Along with tea, there would be small pastries with clotted cream or preserves, delicate sandwiches, and scones.

English Tea Party - Baby Shower, Bridal Shower Ideas

Today, the tradition is still enjoyed by many. I love the little dainty tea cups, delicious scones & mini sandwiches. I think having an English tea party is an awesome idea for a baby shower, briday shower or just a relaxed afternoon with friends.

English Tea Party - Baby Shower & Bridal Shower Ideas

Set the table – tea saucer, tea cups, porcelain set, roses

On the Menu – tea sandwiches, scones, chocolate covered fruit

Tea Essentials – cubed sugar, jam, sliced lemons

English Tea Party - Decoration Ideas