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Celebrity Look for Less – Maxi Dress & Leather Jacket

How to wear a maxi dress, maxi skirt with a leather moto jacket


Biker and beauty queens’ worlds collide to create this sweet, yet sassy combo– the maxi dress and moto leather jacket is a must-try for the Summer 2012  Season.

The key to mastering this popular pairing is all about balance and fit. Choose a form fitting maxi dresses or a high-waisted maxi skirts and go for a cropped leather jacket to help show off your curves and avoid a “boxy” appearance.

This look is very versatile…you can choose to go casual and carefree with a basic cotton maxi dress and a cropped leather jacket.

For a fun dinner refreshment go for the fun flirty floral maxi dress you wore to brunch, paired with a spunky leather jacket, similar to Nicole Richie.

Or if you’re about all out glamour, take a tip from the never-less-than fabulous, Kate Moss and pair a fluid maxi dress with a black leather jacket.

Add your own unique touch by adding accessories, whether it be bangles, long necklaces or even sneakers if you’re going more casual!