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What I Wore for Father Day – Outfit Ideas 2013

What to wear to brunch
What I wore for Fathers Day
What I wore for Fathers Day

This Fathers Day, I surprised my hubby with a lovely Brunch, with our 1 year old daughter & some friends. I love this outfit because its so colorful & super comfortable. For a summer brunch I always love to pair a cute little dress with a colorful cardigan & some sandals. I also put on some matching coral earrings & gold stretchy bracelets. This lacy dress actually had a white slip but I replaced it with a coral slip from a different dress to give a little more dimension to the outfit.

What to wear to brunch
What to wear to brunch

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Mama Style – How to dress cute even when you have a baby on your hip

Mama Style

I realized that becoming a mama & keeping a personal style can be a challenge. Sleepless nights & waking up at 5:30 a.m. to breastfeed does not leave much energy for wanting to pick out a cute outfit for the day.

I discovered that investing in a few key items can help put together a cute outfit in just minutes.

1) Pair of good stretchy black skinny jeans
2) Loose tops
3) Black boots
4) Big oversized sweater (for cold weather)
5) A cute scarf

I have to admit that I did take off the wedges & put on some flat boots when I actually went out the door. If you have these pieces you can just mix & match & still look cute while chasing around a crawling baby.

Let me know what you guys wear to your play dates.


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Work Outfit Ideas 2012 – EXPRESS Style – Pencil Skirt, Scoop Neck Blouse & Nude Heels

Work Outfit Ideas - Career Fashion

I love shopping at Express for my career wardrobe. The cuts of their skirts are super flattering & the blouses are very comfortable but sexy at the same time. These pieces are not being sold right now but they have very similar looks. I will give options below. Also, if you sign up for their e-mails you get 15% off your next purchase. (go to homepage, lower left hand side)

Work Outfit Ideas
Fashion Ideas for the Office
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Saturday Night Outfit – Silver Sequin & Diamonds

Masha Tal 2011

Express Sequin Dress, Cathy Jean Nude Heels,  SilverFever Handbag & Mac Lipgloss

A few months back, when I visited Exress, I picked out this little dress as a way to fill up my closet with easy outfits for spontaneous saturday nights. This is my favorite silhouette and the all-over mesh rouched affect flatters the curves with perfectly placed draping while the sequin brings out the glamour. It was so fun to wear.


Sequin Dress 2011
Masha Tal 2011
Masha Tal 2011
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Favorite Things – Weekend Activities

The weekend is here and I am so excited!

We have some fun activities planned for the weekend. The top picture is the walk that we do to our local bar, Craft&Commerce. They have the best drinks & a cool ambiance. Tonight I am going to the Launch Party of one of my favorite blogs, HostesswiththeMostess, in celebration of their brand new website. I am excited to wear my new dress & check out the beautiful, open-air Rooftop Deck of Hotel Solamar where the party will be hosted.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

New Dress I am wearing the the HWTM Launch Party 🙂 Yay
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Favorite Things – San Diego Summer 2011 – Weekend Activity Idea

Masha Tal Summer 2011

I love it when guests come into town because it forces you to come up with fun things to do that you would normally put off for a more practical activity… like laundry. Last weekend we got creative & decided to check out the Little Italy Farmers Market & then take the ferry to Coronado to rent some bikes. It ended up being such a fun & relaxing day.

San Diego Summer - Weekend Activity Idea - Coronado Multi Person Bike Rental

Milos Little Biker Friend
Lexi Meyerowitz - Yoga
All Smiles
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RUSSIA – St. Petersburg!!!!

Masha Tal - St. Petersburg Russia 2011

Wow ….wow…!

What can I say…I feel at home ☺ and I am saying this with a Russian accent.

Our tour guide was Tatiana or Tanya as we called her, and one day she talked for 12 hours straight. She knew everything about everything and if you ever go to St. Petersburg Russia, I really recommend this tour. She was so knowledgeable & she took us to the best places for matryoshka doll souvenirs, borsh & perogis.

I knew that Russians liked to show off but I never really understood to what extent. We visited the Kzars Palaces, the famous Dome Cathedrals & beautiful royal gardens and they were magnificent. I am glad I am doing a photo diary because words really can’t describe the experience.
Check out the picture below.

Hemitage Museum – St. Petersburg Russia

Hermitage Museum - St. Petersburg Russia 2011
Hermitage Museum - Kzar Palace - St. Petersburg Russia 2011
Kzar Summer Palace - Peterhuf St. Petersburg Russia - Summer 2011
Tal Family Summer 2011 - Kzar Summer Palace - St.Petersburg Russia
Tal Brothers - St.Petersburg on the boat - Russia Summer 2011
Church of Spilt Blood - St. Petersburg Russia 2011
Masha's Matryoshkas 🙂 - St. Petersburg Russia
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Downtown – Striped Maxi Dress, Lace & Yellow Flowers

Today we went to Downtown to find our next place to live. It was gloomy the entire time but thankfully the views from the 13th floor of my favorite place were still amazing. Inspired by the gray colors, I threw together an outfit using old favorites mixed with new staples (my spring-striped maxi dress); perfect for Spring Saturdays.




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Favorite Things – Weekend Nights


My twin brother Misha, has many talents, one of which is photography. The pictures from his web-site showcase my favorite things about weekend nights. Misha is also a DJ, he has gigs at the hottest San Diego clubs, lounges and bars. Check out his pictures below and visit his sites.

DJ Misha
Club Lights
View from San Diego High-rise at Night
First Martini of the Night
A Full Bar
Good Music
DJMisha & Jason Whitmore live on Saxophone
Fun times