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The Best Marie Antoinette Costume – “Vixen of Versailles”

Marie Antoinette Costume
the best marie antoinette costume
The Best Marie Antoinette Costume – “Vixen of Versailles”

Last Halloween my cousin wore the best Marie Antoinette Costume that I have ever seen. I got all the details on how to recreate this look.

1) Makeup – she watched this you tube tutorial –
2) “Vixen of Versailles” Costume was bought HERE.
3) For the neck blood she used a product called “Cinema Product Blood Gel” can be purchased HERE.
4) Slashed Neck Prosthetic: Can be purchased HERE

5) Hair – she wore a wig that she bought HERE

Below is a picture of the exact costume



the best marie antoinette costume
the best marie antoinette costume


Marie Antoinette Costume
Marie Antoinette Costume


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Family Halloween Costumes – Costume Party Theme Ideas

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

For my grandfathers 74th birthday my mom decided to throw him a Bee Party. My grandfather is a bee keeper, so everyone had to come dressed up as a bee and he was the bee keeper. It was such a fun way to celebrate & get all the family members involved. Everyone came dressed up even if they only wore some bee wings.

Awesome Costume Party Ideas
Homemade Bee Costume
Stylish Bees - Awesome Costume Ideas
Queen Bee Homemade Costume Ideas
Theme Party Ideas

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Kim Kardashian Costumes 2012 – Celebrity Costume Ideas

Kim Kardashian Sexy Costumes 2012
Kim Kardashian Costume 2012
Christina Aguilera Candyman Costume - Celebrity Costume Ideas 2012
Celebrity Costume Ideas 2012
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80’s Costume Ideas – inspired by Movies, Celebrities & Parties

80's Costume Ideas - Inspired by SexandtheCity

Thinking of throwing a party? The 80’s theme is always a winner with the crowd. Something about getting into a ridiculous looking get up makes people have a 100% more fun. I found some amazing costume inspirations from Movies, Celebrities & previous party goers. Let me know what you think and feel free to share some of your 80’s costume ideas.

80’s Costumes Inspired by SEX AND THE CITY

80's Costume Idea - Rocker Chic, Groupie
80's Costume Ideas - Shoulder Pads
80's Costume Ideas
80's Costume Ideas, 80's Party Costume Idea

80’s Costumes Inspired by 80’s Movies & Music

80's Costume
80's Costume Ideas from the Wedding Singer

80’s Costumes Inspired by Celebrities

80's Costumes from the Real Housewives of Orange County
80's Costume - Flashdance
80's Costume - Madonna

80’s Costumes Inspired by Party Goers

80's Workout Costume Ideas
80's Costume Ideas - Workout
80's Costume Ideas
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Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas 2012

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2011
Katy Perry - California Gurl Adult Costume Katy Perry – California Gurl Adult CostumeIncludes: Top with molded cupcakes and shorts. Does not include wig or shoes. This is an officially licensed Katy Perry product.

Halle Berry

Catwoman Deluxe Adult CostumeCatwoman Deluxe Adult Costume – Medium

Halle Berry Halloween Costume 2011
Catwoman Deluxe Adult CostumeCatwoman Deluxe Adult Costume - Medium Catwoman Deluxe Adult CostumeCatwoman Deluxe Adult Costume – MediumIncludes pants,top,headpiece and gloves. Does not include shoes.

Holly Madison

Sequined Sprite Adult Costume – Large

Holly Madison Celebrity Halloween Costumes
Sequined Sprite Adult Costume - Large Sequined Sprite Adult Costume – Largeincludes dress. Does not include wings,head band or shoes.

Kourtney Kardashian

Marauder’s Wench Gold/Black Sexy Adult-Small

Kourtney Kardashian Halloween Costume - 2011
Marauder's Wench Gold/Black Sexy Adult-Small Marauder’s Wench Gold/Black Sexy Adult-SmallIncludes dress. Does not include hat,stockings,or boots.

Kim Kardashian

Little Red Riding Hood Adult Costume – One-Size (Standard)

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume 2011
Little Red Riding Hood Adult Costume - One-Size (Standard) Little Red Riding Hood Adult Costume – One-Size (Standard)Includes: Dress,Petticoat,Cape. Does not include stockings or shoes.

Christina Aguilera – Nurse Costume

Double Zip Nurse Adult Plus Costume-3X

Christina Aguilera Halloween Costume - 2011
Double Zip Nurse Adult Plus Costume-3X Double Zip Nurse Adult Plus Costume-3XIncludes dress and hat. Does not include stocking,shoes,or stethoscope.

Fergie Halloween Costume

Captivating Cleo Adult Costume – Large

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2011
Captivating Cleo Adult Costume - Large Captivating Cleo Adult Costume – LargeIncludes: Dress,belt,collar and headpiece. Armband is not included.

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Best 80’s Party – 80’s Costumes – 80’s Decoration Ideas

Best 80’s Party Costumes

This weekend we celebrated a milestone, my one & only David, turned 30. I love costume parties, everyone puts so much effort into their costumes & it makes things that much more fun. These are pics from our 80’s party & inspiration from other 80’s parties, so you can have some ideas for your next gig.

Decorate your 80’s party venue

80’s Decoration Ideas – 80’s Decorations

We had a bunch of yoyo’s, slinky’s & candy all over the house. Glow in the dark bracelets & balloons. Another party had rubics cubes, nintendo controllers & packman cupcakes.

80’s Decoration Ideas – Rubiks cube cake

80’s Decoration Ideas – Nintendo Controllers, Sunglasses & Tapes

80’s party decoration ideas – Packman cupcakes

Best 80’s Costumes – 80’s Costume Ideas

Best 80's Costumes - Adam Seid & me
Best 80's Costumes - Adam & Lexi Meyerowitz
Best 80's Costumes - MooseMan & the Birthday Boy
Best 80's Costumes - 80's Costume Ideas
Easy 80's Costume Ideas - Madonna & Tom Cruise from Risky Business
Best 80's Costumes - Rachi Chaitas 2011
Best 80's Costumes

Check out more pics here!

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1920’s Flapper Costume Ideas – 20’s Fashion, Makeup & Style

Susanne Jones - Best Flapper Costume - 5/7/2011

In the 1920’s prohibition made it illegal to consume or possess alcohol and due to this the 20’s provided some of the most well known gangsters. A great 1920’s mens costume would be Al Capone. During the 1920’s women’s fashions changed drastically with the flapper. Flappers wore really dark eye makeup, beautiful knee length dresses & lots & lots of pearls.

Recently, I went to an Amazing Birthday Party that was held at Ave 5 Restaurant in Downtown San Diego. This place was super chic, full of original pantings, dim lit bar & an amazing coconut tres leches cake that was to die for. The theme was 1920’s & the people came to party.

Take a look & get some great costume ideas for your next event.

Vintage Flapper Look

Susanne Jones - 1920's Flapper Fashion

Suzanne said she was a lover of all things Vintage and it shows. This costume won my award for best costume of the night. You can re-create this look with a vintage dress from Unique , black wig, long pears, & a fur shrug. For the makeup use lots of dark eye liner & red lip stick. Also make sure to grow to paint your nails red as well.


Black Flapper Dress Costume Idea

1920's Flapper Costume Ideas

These girls looked amazing in their classic black flapper dresses, long pearls & long black gloves. Flappers’ behavior was considered outlandish at the time and redefined women’s roles. The image of flappers were young women who went by night to jazz clubs where they danced provocatively, smoked cigarettes through long holders, and dated freely, perhaps indiscriminately. They rode bicycles, drove cars, and openly drank alcohol, a defiant act in the American period of Prohibition. Petting became more common than in the Victorian era. Petting Parties, where petting (“making out” or foreplay) was the main attraction, became popular.

Red Flapper Dress & White Wig Costume Idea


I love the red dress, it stood out in a dark room and is a great variation on the classic flapper costume. David wore his gangster suit & top hat.

1920’s Hair Pieces & Accessories

Leticia Santos & Sean Ryan 1920's Style - Costume Ideas

Leticia & Ryan were the perfect examples of how people in the 1920’s accessorized. Favorite accessories were dangling earrings and long necklaces. The modern young woman, or “sexy flapper” was often seen with long gloves, white pearls & dainty little hats with nets.