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Best 80’s Party – 80’s Costumes – 80’s Decoration Ideas

Best 80’s Party Costumes

This weekend we celebrated a milestone, my one & only David, turned 30. I love costume parties, everyone puts so much effort into their costumes & it makes things that much more fun. These are pics from our 80’s party & inspiration from other 80’s parties, so you can have some ideas for your next gig.

Decorate your 80’s party venue

80’s Decoration Ideas – 80’s Decorations

We had a bunch of yoyo’s, slinky’s & candy all over the house. Glow in the dark bracelets & balloons. Another party had rubics cubes, nintendo controllers & packman cupcakes.

80’s Decoration Ideas – Rubiks cube cake

80’s Decoration Ideas – Nintendo Controllers, Sunglasses & Tapes

80’s party decoration ideas – Packman cupcakes

Best 80’s Costumes – 80’s Costume Ideas

Best 80's Costumes - Adam Seid & me
Best 80's Costumes - Adam & Lexi Meyerowitz
Best 80's Costumes - MooseMan & the Birthday Boy
Best 80's Costumes - 80's Costume Ideas
Easy 80's Costume Ideas - Madonna & Tom Cruise from Risky Business
Best 80's Costumes - Rachi Chaitas 2011
Best 80's Costumes

Check out more pics here!