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80’s Inspired Outfit Ideas – 80’s costumes come to 2011

Julianne Hough 80's Costume

Remember how fun the 80’s were? Lots of neon colors, cool prints, off the shoulder t-shirts & scrunchies? Well…maybe we can leave out the scrunchies, but I think 80’s are slowly creeping back. I have been seeing so many awesome fun summer pieces that can make any outfit shine.

Check out my faves for the perfect 80’s inpired outfits.

80's Fashion - 80's Inspired Outfits - 80's Costume Ideas

1. Romper in Zulu Print – $172.50
2. Breanne Sunglasses – $12
3. Splendid Striped Top – $81
4. Ensemble Rainbow Bikini – $19.99
5. Tiger-print cotton jumpsuit
6. Let’s Get Physical Tee – $3.99
7. Blue cropped skinny jeans
8. Leather Band Watch
9. Carolyn Beaded Belt