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80’s Costume Ideas – inspired by Movies, Celebrities & Parties

80's Costume Ideas - Inspired by SexandtheCity

Thinking of throwing a party? The 80’s theme is always a winner with the crowd. Something about getting into a ridiculous looking get up makes people have a 100% more fun. I found some amazing costume inspirations from Movies, Celebrities & previous party goers. Let me know what you think and feel free to share some of your 80’s costume ideas.

80’s Costumes Inspired by SEX AND THE CITY

80's Costume Idea - Rocker Chic, Groupie
80's Costume Ideas - Shoulder Pads
80's Costume Ideas
80's Costume Ideas, 80's Party Costume Idea

80’s Costumes Inspired by 80’s Movies & Music

80's Costume
80's Costume Ideas from the Wedding Singer

80’s Costumes Inspired by Celebrities

80's Costumes from the Real Housewives of Orange County
80's Costume - Flashdance
80's Costume - Madonna

80’s Costumes Inspired by Party Goers

80's Workout Costume Ideas
80's Costume Ideas - Workout
80's Costume Ideas