Pink Puppy Dog Party – 2nd Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Pink Puppy Dog Party
Pink Puppy Dog Party

I’ve got puppy love for any adorable animal themed party, but especially when it’s in PINK! I threw this cute Pink Puppy Dog Party to celebrate my daughters’ 2nd birthday. Her love of dogs and favorite color (pink of course!) inspired the dog bone cookies and pink puppy dog cake topper. Vanessa Yufe from Sweet and Social Events helped with the decorations.

Pink Puppy Dog Cookies
Pink Puppy Dog Cookies
Pink Puppy Party
Pink Puppy Party
Pink Puppy Dog Party
Pink Puppy Dog Party
Pink Puppy Party - Bonewiches
Pink Puppy Party – Bonewiches
adopt a puppy sign
adopt a puppy sign
Birthday Girl
Birthday Girl


PARTY DETAILS, told by Masha…

For my daughter’s second birthday I chose a theme that has everything to do with her and represents what she liked & talked about most in her life: dogs. I chose the colors light pink & yellow and my good friend & party decorator, Vanessa Yufe helped with the decorations. The party was at a beautiful park called Tidelands Park in Coronado. The centerpieces of the tables were also made by Vanessa Yufe of Sweet and Social Events.

For the kids party favors, I set up a table with an “Adopt a Puppy” Sign, all the kids got to go home with a little fluffy pup. For the entertainment, we had a company come that brought 12 little dogs that the kids could play with & pet. They are based out of LA, you can get their info by clicking on this link – Puppy Party.

If you want to see more pics of the party, you can view them in my Picassa album online – HERE.

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– Oreo Chocolate Cake
– Vanilla cupcakes
– Napoleon cake made by my grandmother
– Bonewhiches
– Bags & Lox
– Spinach Pies made by my mother in law
– Fruit

– Pink Lemonda
– Mimosa for the adults
– Bottled water

Pink Puppy Party Decorations

Stuffed Puppy Dogs

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