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This English Tea Party Baby Shower is just the definition of lovely in so many ways… from the gorgeous flower arrangements, to the lovely table cloths & dainty tea cups, everything is perfect.

This baby shower was put together by my mama and friends. The thought and attention to every little detail really shows,  it exceeded all my expectations and was so stunning.

The food was very delicate and delightful. We enjoyed little sandwiches, fruit, scones, pastries & chocolates. Tea was served in beautiful porcelein tea sausers &  tea cups.

The entertainment included toasts given by family & friends. A poem read by my little 6 year old cousin and a dance performance by her as well. The games included, a timed competition coming up with as many words that start with the letter “T”, you would get an extra point if the word included the word “tea” and guessing the identity of the baby picture that were used as seating cards.

The ladies were all asked to wear hats and pearls which added to the ambiance of the party and made pictures unforgettable.

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